April 2012

I need some serious glasses, because I am getting serious. (And I am having trouble reading...)
But more seriously than that - I've got a chance to premier everything I've been working on in what I realize has been quite a hiatus here.


I was going to make a record, or write a book, or make a multi media kind of piece, and then I decided to do it all at once. There is so much about the last two years that overlaps and overflows my normal channels. So, given my mother's constant egging - "Jonatha that's GOOD! Are you getting this down? We could make a PLAY out of this..."  


I was getting it down. it was good. And yes I AM making a play, and songs (and much more) out of it.


There is a festival of new theatre in Pittsburgh. PA in June. Tracy Brigden, (she's the director there) and I have been talking for years about doing something together. So, it's finally time.

MOMENTUM | City Theatre’s festival of “new plays at different stages”  (it will be official soon)  

Seriously. Now back to work.