July 2013
Throwback Thursday: The Trouble with Green

When I was a kid, everyone I met was obsessed with my red hair. Mom would often put me in that friggin' green that is supposed to look so good on the poor ginger-locked ones. I hated it. I wanted to wear MAROON... and PURPLE. She steered me back to green. Hunter green, kelly green, teal green. Once she knit me a BLUE sweater, but by the time she finished it, it was too small...

At least she had no problem with my black converse high-tops.

In more pressing news!

I just got back from "World Domination Summit" (I know, everyone hates the name) in Portland, OR. It was the debut screening of Jen Lee's documentary, "Indie Kindred." It is a BEAUTIFUL, tender film about indepencence, creativity, collaboration... And It features me and some extraordinary artists...Liz Kalloch, Christine Mason Miller, Liz Lamoreux, Kelly Barton, Jolie Guillebeau, and Winterbloom. Click the link below to see the trailer and find screenings near you. Jen's taking it on the road this summer!!!


In other news: I'll be in Ithaca, New York from July 23 through the 30th work-shopping another musical I've been working on with Anton Dudley (my crazy gifted playwright friend.) It's called "Death & Venice," (ok, it's not a comedy) information about that, HERE:HANGAR THEATRE: DEATH & VENICE!!! (and p.s. I'm not IN IT, I just wrote the SONGS!)

Then, on to the Playwright's Center in Minneapolis August 12 - 18. (so very exciting) A full week fleshing out production and work-shopping "My Mother Has Four Noses." There will be three performances at the end of that week. They are free, but tickets are limited. Reserve your seats HERE: PLAYWRIGHT'S CENTER 4 NOSES!!!! 


And then? Philly FRINGE FEST!!!!

WXPN is sponsoring "MMH4N" at their very own "World Cafe Live" on September 11. Get tickets for THAT right HERE: WORLD CAFE LIVE 4 NOSES!!!!

It's turning out to be quite a summer. I'm still basking in the Torrington afterglow - stunned and humbled by your support.



I thought I would share a few pictures that my pal Pierre Baudet took of the debut performance of "My Mother Has Four Noses." (the crappy other pictures in the gallery are mine of course!!)

What a joy to have lights, a stage, the added drama of a real theatre. And the palpable support from YOU. All of you who pitched into the pledge campaign, who came from far and wide, open to this new venture of mine.

Sara Hannafin, from the Warner Theatre in Torrington, CT worked tirelessly to pull off this premier. From the time she heard about "4 noses" to the fabulous VIP brunch her mother "Queenie" threw for me and some special VIP guests yesterday, she made things happen. And wow, did they happen!! (Alex Wetmore too, jumped in and rolled up her sleeves from the get go!)

Paul Mitchell, my SOUND man for so very many years.... I can't thank you enough for rocking that house with my music. Ben Butler on guitar and Marika Hughes on cello - mad props. It is incredible to feel the musical and soulful support on that stage.

John Bartenstein created amazing lighting moods with two rehearsals! Kyle Passaro and Sharon Wilcox were so helpful with staging and props. Jameson Willey was our Master Electrician. Thanks to the other stage guys who were so skilled and worked so hard on our behalf. I didn't get all the names, but I really appreciate all your time and patience!

To all the volunteers. WOW! Your stories, your kindnesses. Thank you!

Next stop? MINNEAPOLIS. There are three performances of "MMH4N" at the Playwright's Center in Minneapolis on August. Tickets are free but very limited, so you MUST reserve seats early! Go HERE

IF that's too far a Schlepp?? No problem. We've got our Philly debut, sponsored by my beloved WXPN on September 11 at World Cafe LIVE!! Tickets HERE!

Rolling rolling rolling, keep those noses rolling.