October 2015
Inspiration Versus Perspiration
CC: I get the feeling that songs that pop into a songwriter's head fully formed are really rare.
Jonatha: Those are the gift songs. I could probably count less than ten in my life that were that magical. I just whisper my thanks and get out if the way 'cause when it happens, it's pretty, pretty stunning, but … those are rare, rare gifts.
CC: If you're gonna make a living as a songwriter, it doesn't sound like something you can count on.


Jonatha: You can only count on trying. It can be torture. It's really hard. You just have to keep getting back in there, hitting that song again. I mean, you go to Nashville and you see what a craft it is and how hard people work. And they're just getting in there, hitting it, day after day. It's intense. But beautiful. And I just can't quit it!!!