December 2013
Happy New Year

So, you do look back. You can't help it. It's been two years since mom died. So much has happened, is happening, but in the reckoning moments, there is still, sadness.
I know it's cliche - in the thick of it you don't think you'll survive and you're wishing for it to end... and then it ends and you are completely unprepared. Every crisis that led you to think you were ready. All your bravado and swagger. Gone. You are an orphan.

I've been scanning some old photos today. More in awe than ever at the person my mom was. Her humor sneaks through in the crazy little notes she'd write.

Her searching nature is there in her eyes.

Her life was complicated. I know she suffered in many ways. But she was an incredible mom. She and my dad were able to instill a very powerful sense of self, and possibility in my brothers and me. That is everything.

So, looking back over the year, over the years and years...I am just beginning to understand my inheritance. I am rich beyond words.

TICKETS for The Duke on 42nd Street!!

There is no other way to say it. It is finally real. Previews begin February 14 through 19th. 40% discount is available until January 2 for preview shows.


Opening night is February 20th. I am speechless. Somehow everything I've done thus far in my career has led to this possibility. Weaving my songs and stories in and out of a show has long been a passion. But to share THIS story, its universal struggle, comedy, and truth. This is a gift. Thank you all for sticking with me. Following my evolution, and believing in the value of this particular art.

The record is getting its final packaging polished and sent off. We are working on the sheen of the production, while still trying to stay true to the simplicity that makes "4 Noses" accessible and compelling. I hope you will help spread the word. This adventure is no less than daunting, but I feel more and more convinced that the conversation is just beginning.

Happiest, safest, warmest of holidays to you all. I will be forever grateful.




Baby it's gonna be COLD in Minneapolis

We leave for Minneapolis in the morning. So incredibly psyched to perform at the Guthrie Theater next Monday and Tuesday! I mean, what an honor....

And I'm ready, don't get me wrong. I can't wait to do the show! TICKETS HERE!!!! I'm chomping at the bit. But I'm a little intimidated by 10 degrees below ZERO.

I have crappy circulation at best. My fingers and toes are cold in August in New York. So I"ve been practising in the living room. Getting ready for the change. I will admit, the mittens are not cutting it. I'm gonna move on to the fingerless gloves.

Meanwhile, we're almost done with art for the record.

We're full steam ahead with the plans for The Duke on 42nd Street!! We open February 20th. Tickets should be on sale very very soon. Oh MY. 42nd STREET! Well, Spider man is closing January 4th. So they really needed a breath of fresh air next door!!!

See you at the Guthrie. Stay tuned for New York news. And... stay WARM.