August 2009
seriously serious

So interesting to see three photographers work in a week's time. I have fun being phtotographed usually but sometimes I get tired of myself! As much as I've gotten used to it over the years, it is hard to remember to stop tweaking my mouth, not to look down, not to frown into the furrows between my eye brows. But I've been so lucky (well except for one AWFUL experience) to work with really lovely artists, sensitive to the vulnerabilities inherent in the relationship.


Lately it's strange to see myself aging. I feel about twelve most of the time, so it's seriously a suprise sometimes to see a WOMAN staring back at me from the pictures.


There was a big kerfuffle going on in many of the European mag rags about actors and botox and aging. A sort of retreat from perfection, that I hope is coming into vogue!! Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz were bemoaning the loss of expression so common in hollywood. Sticking to their guns as it were. Me too.


But it doesn't make it simple. I don't think life was quite so photographed before. It's so easy now, and free. And everything is instant.

although I couldn't get a decent shot of this photo, it's by John Brook.


Somehow my parents took the time to find a really great photographer and have some fabulous shots taken of the family growing up. These were not your average christmas card shots. I still see this expression in myself sometimes. It seems quintessential to me. There will always be this very serious six year old in my arsenal.

Linda Hansen photo, copenhagen


steven haberland photo,  Hamburg.


sara hertel photo, portland, OR


Thank you all for getting at the root of things!

Grateful Friday in London

London is always a trusty old friend. I've had a breather here, a moment to re-cap the whirlwind that was Germany and Denmark. And I'm just grateful. And feeling oh so lucky to have met such wonderful spirits along my way.

Tine Faber from the ElbJazz picnic.


Sunset, ElbJazz.


While I was in Copenhagen, I had a minute to have breakfast with my old pal Linda Hansen. 

Linda has taken so many photographs of me over the years. She has basically taken most of the 'official' pictures of me since Steady Pull. Ten years of documenting my goings on! She did all the gorgeous varied 'back in the circus' photos. She did the pictures on 'careful what you wish for.' It has been such a rich friendship, and I am such a fan of her work, her steady eye, and incredible artistry. Here's one she took the last time I was in Copenhagen.


I am also grateful for more peaceful, lazier days in London. The sun has actually held out for 20 minutes at a time. I've had lovely dinners with old friends and husband, slowed my pace a little until the next week of challenges.


I am off to Houston Texas when I get home, to continue working on new songs with Joe Sample. Yes, JOE SAMPLE. We are working on an incredible musical that he has poured his heart, history and soul into. Again, I am grateful. What a lucky girl. To work with such a brilliant musician and songwriter. I mean, for goodness sake, he wrote "One Day I'll Fly Away" and "When Your Life Was Low" and "STREET LIFE!!!" To have known him for so many years now, and to have been graced with his playing on two of my records now? Wheee


In the meantime, I'll keep haunting my FAVORITE place in London. Negozia Classico. I don't tend to eat much red meat, but whenever I am here I get their hanger steak with the fresh rocket and parmesan, incredible Italian wines by the glass, and of course, DECADENT chocolate fondant to finish it off. What could be better. Well, ok, and they make the most wonderful cappucino in London.


Yes, grateful. 

women in (e)motion??

Well, the sun won out on our way to Odense. There were magical hopeful cloud moments all day. (that was saturday, where did the time go?)


The Fynske Landsby couldn't be a more beautiful venue, once we drove in and I saw the windmill and all the ancient thatched roofs it all came back to me.


arena seating!


I played here with Joe Cocker a few years ago. What an incredible place to see music.

jasper, my sound man.


And the weather held. It was chilly at night but clear and gorgeous. And what a treat to hear Tina Dickow again. She is really really great.

 Tina backstage.


Her band too, are the perfect compliment, crisp harmonies, and exciting dynamics. Thank you Odense and Tina for a perfect night.


amazing rapt audience


I even had a chance to do a little knitting before the show!!


Laila and Irene! comparing notes.


Back to Hamburg for the "jazz picnic." Tina and Nina, our hosts put together the most amazing day of music, movies, deejays, fun in the sun by the water. All in the hopes of creating a jazz festival for Hamburg. This was just a taste for the community to see how chill, how fun, and how important, again this kind of synergy can be. People seemed to love it. There was a little boy who just couldn't get enough

great chill music, people just stayed all day and picnicked in the sun.


(Tina's daughter hannah, hanging out backstage. She did over 100 cartwheels... that was just while I was watching. Phew!!)


I got to play just as the sun was putting it's final romantic touches on the water and buildings by the stage. Ooh la la.


Yesterday was Bremen. It has been almost six years since i saw Volker and Arne. And it was just like yesterday. what a treat.

They have been hosting these shows and their corresponding radio broadcasts since.... the 70s, (when they were 12!)



Volker, JB Arne


I wasn't quite sure how to take this description, I was concerned that it might make me sound a little unstable... ;)


The theatre is in the tiny old part of Bremen, gorgeous tiny alleyways, perfect little bars and restaurants.

 a fountain here


something enchanting around the next corner...


i had a lovely time in the packhaustheatre.


sweet sweet stage. They have theatre and revues there normally, so it was all I could do not to borrow the drag queens' boas, glitter eyelashes and platform shoes from backstage.....


Back to Hamburg, it DOES feel like home!! All my swans in a row


thank you thank you all, I'll be back very soon.


I miss you already!! (girl at the Oldenburg train stop on the way to Copenhagen.) 

love love love love

even before i started drinking my lovely montepulciano, the city became more wonky and magic. hamburg. my new love!


sis boom bah




 painting in the bar at the hotel


There is a vibe here. of artists and poets and chefs and actors and musicians, all of a kind, thinking outside the box, and outside of just what I can get for ME. It was distilled into a perfect night at the 'feels like home' concert.


It benefited an amazing cause, called the 'Jamliner.' A bus filled with instruments and recording gear for projects with kids in underprivileged places. What a great idea.


So now I am now a huge goober fan of anything Johannes and Danni will do in the future. And now I am an UBER huge goober fan of the two other singer/songwriters they brought to Hamburg for the show. Ian Axel and Greg Holden were absolute REVELATIONS. OMG, I was enchanted, moved to tears, moved to giggles. It was a ridiculously fun night. I only wish I could have understood the two writers who were there reading from their new work. Alas, I will try for next time. I have my little german dictionary on the train with me here. Meanwhile, some photos from the magic night.

 Johannes "va bene"


that gorgeous 'feels like home' dove


greg holden backstage


ian axel, furrowed


ian axel happy


ian, greg, jb


greg on stage, it was 100 million degrees!


denise and daniel tobias etzel, one of the authors (blurry)


ian and greg singing together


final bow, Danni, Greg, Johannes, JB


my new pal, Nova. She is very involved in an artists movement against child pornography.


I stole ian's ukelele for a moment back stage, and started writing a song, that now, alas, i can't finish until i find another ukelele. maybe there is one in Odense. But how do you tune a ukelele??


Alas, I had no time for pictures in Copenhagen. The train was late, the taxi driver was mean, the show was wicked fun, and then there was late night curry and troubled sleep and another train to catch. Thank you Brett Perkins!!


Odense tonight. I can't wait to hear Tina Dikow!

Hamburg feels like home.

So, this guy Johannes,

who is the front man, singer, songwriter for a very successful band here in Germany ("Revolverhead") decided he wanted to start doing some collaborative kinds of shows, find some under the radar kinds of songwriters and bring them to Hamburg for his new series "Feels Like Home."


"feels like home" little bird.


He and his business partner Dani were in New York last April and happened to run across Greg Holden in a tiny East Village Club.

Many hours and beers later, Ian Axel

got up on stage and equally knocked him out. The first cast of characters started to take shape. The gig slowly found a venue, a date, some sponsors, and a LOT of press. The buzz was on.


A few weeks ago, Johannes added me to his wish list. Turns out "Plumb" was big on his list of fave albums.


We all arrived in Hamburg yesterday, a gorgeous last blast of summer. 

Ian, JB, Greg


we all traipsed over to "Balcony TV" to do a little impromptu balcony singing right on the Reeperbahn. Only in Germany!!

the link for my little song will be up some time on Friday I think....


there was cool art on the wall,

on the floor

Our hosts were awesome, especially given the sliding set list!!

(Johannes' t-shirt is part of an anti-cutting campaign that his band got involved with....)


Later, our incredibly generous hosts took us to the most swinging hot spot restaurant in Hamburg. It's called "Bullerei"

and the chef, Tim Malzer took ultra good care of us (the grilled black Pork? to DIE for) YUMMMMMMMM


We also met a beautiful German actress there.

Nova Meierhenrich


She coerced the kitchen into making us her favorite chocolate dessert. Girl after my own heart!!


Thank you so much all, I can't wait to sing tonight.

Johannes, Dani, Patrick the trusty cameraman and roommate




Nova's beautiful green bicycle.

City tomatoes

Just when I have to leave again, somehow the plants get really happy. Maybe they just don't need me after all.


These tomatoes, the first six that didn't get stolen by pigeons or rot while I was on the road are actually really good considering the spanish harlem pollution!


And these big ones are actually coming along. Sauce, anyone?


My jasmine, two plants that have somehow survived my ignorance and neglect for three years now? happy and blooming, and the scent of the flowers - INTOXICATING.


It's dog days, right on schedule. So, I'm outta here again. I get to see lovely Hamburg for the first time in a while, and Copenhagen, (always romantic, as that's where my husband proposed.) Bremen is on the list too. LOVE theBremen radio show, and I'm looking forward to seeing Arnie and Volker. It's been way too long.


See you there!

There's a first time for everything

I have to say. this day was MAGIC.


Late this morning, Ben and Whynot and I went to see some Oregon sights. On the list was the "colliding rivers" -- Ben said it was the only place in the world where two rivers collided......


Well, I expected crazy dramatic crashing and Niagara like falls. ok so it wasn't that, but it was sweet and incredibly pretty, and oh so fun. And that was just perfect!! And boy did that water feel good.


We dabbled in the streams for a minute


Ben scoped out the far shore....


And then we decided. Hell, we're going in. It's hot, and beautiful. Bring on the freckles.


WE got back just in time for soundcheck. This concert series is a free gig that's been going on for 17 years. The people running it were classy and lovely and lucky for us, GREAT COOKS. The food was off the hook backstage, and the whole crew were triple A -- kind, talented, and fun.


First thing we saw at the gig was a gorgeous quilt of people's blankets, and sleeping bags and tarps.


They told us some fans come and get theirs down at 3 or 4 in the morning to stake a good spot for the day. So pretty. Well....


We just LOVED playing here. The audience was so cool. Everything about it just ruled. Kids were dancing on the sidelines. Families had coolers with yummies and wine. Every age person was represented. There were fans, and total newbies, but everyone seemed to be having a great time. I know I was....


Then, just as we were finishing "So Much Mine" we got word that there was a bomb at the concert, set to go off at 8:30. This was at 8:17.


What? You're kidding. What a total waste. What  a bummer. Why would someone do that?


It was a total crushing disappointment to all the people who had worked so hard to make such an incredible day happen. A blow to all the people there, supporting live music and the incredible committee of people that make this event happen every year. A blow to the innocence and beauty of the families who come out to listen, and picnic and enjoy the simple beauty and music on an August afternoon.


Shame on the person who did this. Shame on you. You lose.


As far as we're concerned, we can't WAIT to come back to Roseburg again. It was dreamy. More than we can usually hope for most days doing what we do.


We went back to the hotel and had some wine outside our lobby. We toasted to LOVE and good will. (of course there was no bomb, just some miserable loser looking for some kind of power fix)


Cheers to Roseburg. We LOVE you!!

As one of the announcers said right before we came on stage.


"Just do good, and be nice!"


Is that really so hard???


p.s. found this article on line... strange way to get press!!




After Roseburg, we decided that the loser who had cut the concert short must have just been looking for his BONG. He'd left it somewhere in a cooler in the park and was just trying to get someone to find it for him. We've been told they have the dude in custody, as he made another call from his cell phone shortly after the bomb threat. They cornered him at the mall. What a doofis.


We moved on to Portland where we had a fabulous day. We started at KINK fm, with a listener concert hosted by Dennis Constantine, the program director there. Rich loved the color coordinated drums and art.


I loved the disco ball and shameless sponsor plugs. (by the way, I DO adore Audix microphones. Swear to god, I use the Audix VX-10)

Ben readies his arsenal.


Thanks to Dean and Dennis for the support.

dean, dennis, jb.


On to the ZOO. We got lucky because right before the show started the annoying drizzle totally let up. And - another first - the opening act was a BALD EAGLE. Swear to god, we all stood on the side of the stage as this enormous eagle swooped in and grabbed dinner right from his handler's arm. (not sure if the mouse was already dead... but he is now) Awe inspiring.


What a fun show. We plugged the new baby elephant. And hopefully didn't keep any early-to-bed type animals awake. Thank you Portland, you will always be top of my list.


On to Sand Point IDAHO. We didn't have a chance to do any swimming. The weather was a bit temperamental, in fact there was a full on monsoon right after our perfectly sunny soundcheck... weird.


It was actually raining sideways for a stretch there. But my name tag on our trailer turned into some great art!


And I got to do a little radio stint with Glen at KPND

(Thanks for playing "Taste of Danger!")


We got a little goofy during the broadcast, and somehow got into thai food, - made up our own new kind of curry right on the spot... "Some-dumb-pop-song-masaman" and then my knight in shining armor, body guard, driver for the day, was kind enough to take me to the fab thai restaurant in town and rustle me up some curry. Thanks Frank, and Tony in the kitchen!

me and Frank


I have to say, we have come across some of the nicest people EVER on this little road trip. Sand Point, you RULED. Hospitality above and beyond, pro sound, great food...our stage manager "RUG" even bought me a Sand Point Festival fleece as the temperature plummeted and I couldn't get warm!

 Rug ( although I called him Sissel, seemed more personal)


Next stop? Seattle. the backdrop at the triple door is so beautiful I had to take everybody's next publicity shots after sound check.


wouldn't YOU want these guys in your band? Whynot Jansveld, above


Ben Butler!


Rich Mercurio


LOVE the Triple Door. Thanks all who came down. It was really hard coming home yesterday, so sad not to have 100 more gigs. The more I do this, the more I appreciate these gentlemen who schlep around with me. Travelling is far from glamorous, in fact, some days it's just plain grueling. But they never whine, I never have to worry that they've got my back, and they are just beautiful musicians and beautiful MEN. Thank you Paul Mitchell,

(Paul, my incredible sound man for a gazillion years now)


Whynot Jansveld, Ben Butler, and Rich Mercurio. you always make my DAY.

San Francisco, Santa Rosa

I love San Francisco. My favorite coffee is here.Blue Bottle. It's a science, it's an art, it's a passion, it just tastes amazing.


 Even the breakfast, the perfect brioche filled with bitter cherry preserves, the perfectly poached eggs on enormous perfect toast. I think you get the picture.


There's just a fabulous vibe in this city. I immediately let down my guard. The fashion is a little more funky, the attitude a little more open, many kindred spirits.

some musicians  i met.


doooo wop.


And then there's Santa Rosa. I got to do a wicked fun on the air three song shebang with Katie from the KRUSH radio station!!

I realized AFTER our Marilyn pose over the air conditioning grate, that she actually does have a Marilyn Tattoo on her chest!! Woweee.


Katie and JB


Then i was lucky enough to do a concert by a tiny lake at a place called Latitudes. It was sponsored by KRSH. What a blast. My bird friend 'Bucky' helped with the choreography.

he just stayed out there posing for most of soundcheck, so i told him i'd put him in the journal. ( this lake was right behind the stage. who knows what else was going on out there while I was singing.)


When the flocks of geese started flying over, I understood why the goose poop flecked canopy was so gracefully shielding me.


Thanks so much to everyone at KRSH for  a wicked fun day and evening. it couldn't have been sweeter.

photo booth love

That's why I can't wait to play at the living room again. Besides the intimacy and immediacy, the incredible low key vibe and lack of pressure....there is an old fashioned picture booth.


I only got to play there for three weeks so far. But every week, I accosted my friends, husband, and made them sit in the booth with me.



jb/lauren kinhan


jb/peter eldridge



There is something so freeing about these booths. I love the blown out lighting. And the dorkiness it demands. One of my very favorite picture series of all time is one I found of my mom and dad before they were married. My mom had brought a couple of silly hats. When she sent the photos to my dad, they were narrated with a kind of love poem, a running commentary that is the only time I've known her to show that kind of romance and abandon. I rescued the photos from a pile of papers on the floor last time I was visiting her. It is now my treasure. A reminder of who she was.

Off to Santa Rosa, Roseburg, Portland, Sand Point ID, and Seattle.



 do come out and play with us.


p.s. we're doing  KINK live in studio thingie on the 12th at 1pm in Portland. All right now!!

Harry Potter

Maine was so perfect on my last day. The catholic church...

A little history of the town.



We crashed a friend's pool. Complete with happy pig


Owen made us cocktails and everything.

Owen and my sister-in-law Lesley






Then, of course, I get home, and yesterday was a disaster. It poured. There was a friggin' monsoon in New York city. So what else could we do but slush out to the IMAX to see Harry Potter.


Oh Dumbledore. Oh Snape, Oh Draco. And I do LOVE that Beasley boy. So, don't tell me how it all ends, I still haven't read the last one. I can't bear for it to be over.