November 2008
Hannah, and gratitude

I met Hannah the frog last week.

She was raised from a tad pole and might live until she's 28. Right now I think she is 8. It was riveting to see her spastic little hands and chubby overgrown legs. She would float until we worried that she had died and then suddenly spring into action when little smelly food pellets came close. I guess I'm thinking about things to be grateful for on the eve of Thanksgiving.

My friend Ronnie reminded me today: "Just go get a coffee at dunkin' donuts and stand there for ten minutes. It will hit you." 

I feel so lucky most days. I get to do what I love and get paid for it. I am surrounded by the most beautiful friends and family. I have found the love of my life and cherish our life together and our home.

Jen and Barron, Del Mar

So, with much gratitude,  I am sending great hopes and wishes and prayers out to you all. And many thanks again for supporting my crazy musical journey, coming to the shows, buying the records. It's all a part of my dream being real.

JB dancing, del mar

Thank you thank you thank you. I AM grateful.



whirlwind coasts

It's winter, always hard for me to stay warm. No matter how many layers I manage. And the shock coming from San Diego and the hot Santa Anna days back to 22 degrees in Boston...NO FUN!

LA was a fun night. Deb Talan stopped by and humored me with a sock monkey picture. The new Largo is a really sweet little theatre. And they've kept the old piano. Thank goodness.

My step-daughter (still sounds weird) Lily came by too -- she's always up for a laugh.

Agoura Hills, FABULOUS. Although we couldn't stay for the "Spazmatics" (eighties cover band) we boogied down like crazy people after our show. Nothing like dancing to help you forget your woes.

Poor Glen had to whisk home to protect his house and friends, as Montecito was burning. We're putting together care packages for his pals who have lost EVERYTHING.

On to San Diego, somehow Glen made it there, no sleep, and delivered the goods as usual. It's been so cool to share the stage and a couple songs with him and Jonathan Kingham. They are both ridiculously funny and fun and frigging great talents.

Anthology was a super sweet spot. Amazing food, amazing sound, we were treated like royalty. YUMMMM.

A couple of friends showed up to make a weekend of it, and the debauchery began. Something about wigs just makes you act out....

Denise Antoinette

Jen Antoinette

Platinum Swirly

Melissa Bozo 

Karen from Joe Cocker days was on hand too. Oh my lucky stars.

Then Boston, home town. There just is something about that place that feels right. Some fabulous chiquitas from the Squam Art Workshops showed up and shined their lights. It was so cool being back at the Paradise again. Rick Semerjian represented! 

Swinging 'til there's no net below!

 Come on out next week. We're heating up the mid-west.!



Los Angeles

Back in Los Angeles. I always have mixed feelings flying in. That long steady slow descent, the familiar haze, the endless streams of cars on the criss-cross of hot freeways. The plunging necklines on the unnaturally bulbous breasts that don't move when their owners walk.

I did live here from 97 to 2002, happily, I might add. But whenever I'm back I can't manage the hours and hours in the car any more. I love the ocean and the beautiful trails through the Santa Monica mountains. I love Malibu and the little micro climate that it holds. But there seems such a disconnect between the beauty and the city, sounds cliche, but an emptiness....Somehow New York really feels like home. 

I remember my first few months 'Back in the Circus' of New York. I had to go through such a painful transition. My senses were too open, my boundaries too weak. I found myself in tears every day just riding the subway, writing (in my mind) the stories of all the faces i saw in a matter of 5 train stops. The extremes of poverty and wealth mashed up together on the express 2/3. But I got my game skin on, my game face. And it turns out the stories are EVERYTHING. They are the point of being in a city like New York. You're forced to SEE people. SEE everything. Process, align, adjust, empathize, FEEL. I treasure the chaos now.

 Last week was a hoot. I loved being back in Eugene again, although I'm bummed out that I didn't have enough time to find all the cool knitting stores. I did get to visit with Liz Wise at KLCC, the gorgeous new NPR facility right down town....

And the concert at the Shedd Institute was so lovely. What an incredible place to play, the acoustics, the ambiance, the hospitality. I hope I can come back. My pals Denise and Carsten were there by chance as well, so of course they got the sock monkey treatment!

(Hilton Hotel, 2am!!) 

Then, SAN FRANCISCO!!! What could be better. Back at Slim's, haven't played there in ages, even though two of my top favorite gigs of all time were there. It was lovely, and happened to be my friend Andrea's birthday.... Happy Birthday lovely:

Andrea took me to church at GLIDE, and I remembered all the things i DO love about church. The stories, the hymns, the community that in the best of churches takes you in and holds you dear. I will treasure last Sunday. I went back to my hotel room and read most of EXODUS (god bless the Gideons!) because the sermon had been all about Moses and how it related to PROP 8 and Obama's election!! That's a long good story for another journal!!!


Come on out to Largo tonight, we will rock this town. And if not Largo, there's always Agoura Hills tomorrow, or San Diego on Friday. Ten tons of FUN!!!!

And I finally got some fabulous CHOCOLATE in Eugene. Thanks Harlan!!! I have four truffles left.





Election night was exhilarating. To be present at this moment was an honor. The energy in the air is impossible to describe, but intoxicating. The tasks at hand are daunting, but I feel like we actually CAN act on the call to support, sacrifice, redeem. 

I was lucky enough to be in a tiny room high above Times Square, singing live on French Radio (RTL) as the results were becoming clear enough to call the victor. George Lang, my old pal and champion in Paris, had come to New York to be present at this historic moment, and invited me to be on the show and sing a couple of new songs. 

Hard to tell, but the view of Times Square was STUNNING.

There's Sean John himself, right above the curve of my guitar. Oh irony.

Spanish Harlem was a party, horns honking, firecrackers, and again, this energy of possibility. I feel truly patriotic for the first time in my life.

On to Portland. I had to pay my repects to the now closed "Music Millenium." I know they still have a store open, but it really is the end of an era when the beloved haunt of all Portland music lovers has to close its doors as the rents get inflated by one more GAP, one more Pottery Barn, one more STARBUCKS. May Terry Collier thrive and prevail at the remaining shop.

KINK, bright and early Thursday morning was like coming home again. It's been a while since I was able to swing by and sing on the air. Dave and Sheila made it fun... even at o dark thirty!

And it was great to reconnect with my pal, the mastermind of KINK, Dennis Constantine.

Glen brought a new little friend to the Aladdin last night, so of course he got the sock monkey treatment. Little Ivan... we almost got him to join the band.

Off to Eugene, I hear they have some great knitting stores there. Happy Oregon Alpacas make great yarn.



Joe the Plumber

Some things just don't need words....


 And then there's my friend John...

And then there's this slightly growing glimmering feeling that Obama really will win on Tuesday if everyone just votes with their hearts and their hopes and their conscience.

So looking forward to sharing the stage with Glen Phillips tonight at the Birchmere. It's always a fabulous night there. Come on down. What the hell. We'll break out some new moves.