June 2008
Bad Dog Barking

Well we're cooking up some really good stuff over at Bad Dog Records. Finishing up the artwork for the new record. It's called "The Works". Pulled from a quote I found in the gorgeous Woody Guthrie Art Works Book. Woody WAS '‘the works' – there are so many unbelievable facets to the guy. And the record gets at a few new ones!

Mastering day was, as always a treat.

me and bob ludwig at Gateway Mastering

I've also been working on writing new songs with the lovely Nolwenn Leroy; super talented French winner of "Star Academie". It was a treat to hang out in LA, wine and dine and concoct songs for a very different kind of singer/songwriter. I absolutely love her voice and hearing her sing our little ditties.

me and Nolwenn

The wonderful Rupert Hine is at the helm of her new record.

rupert in Nolwenn's shades

Michelle Featherstone was also on hand, and we wrote a little pop hit we like to call.what did we call it?? "Everything is Changing" – we pretended we were COLDPLAY for a day.

michelle, nolwenn, jb

June 11 was a super hang with my ASCAP guardian angel, Brendan Okrent. Matt Scannell, the Rescues, and I performed at a showcase for film and tv supervisors. It was at the Gibson guitars showroom/performance space. It was torture trying not to steal all the classic guitars lining the walls of that place. But there were cameras EVERYWHERE.

The summer looks like mostly promotion and gearing up for the AUGUST 26 release date. I can't wait for this record to meet the world. I do feel like the second I walked into the Guthrie Archives, something magic started to happen. There's an energy there that is unstoppable. Woody's still hanging around I think. And I was lucky to get to channel some of that flow!

More very soon.